More Reasons to Get into STEM

Why do we read the news? It presents negativity and fear mongering almost all the time. For instance, I found this video on CNN today, about the world’s worst jobs:

CNN Best and Worst Jobs

CNN Best and Worst Jobs — According to Career Cast

The good news is (besides the fact I did NOT see a photo of myself there) the flipside presents the world’s BEST jobs, all according to CareerCast. The best jobs for 2013 tend to be in the STEM areas, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Actuary tops the list, and not surprisingly, software engineer. Audiologist made it to number 4. I wouldn’t have imagined that one at all, so it goes to show that reading is better than guessing.

I would’ve guessed the worst job to be maybe something like taking care of an elephant with intestinal issues, but alas, no.  To satisfy your morbid curiosity, the worst job was determined to be …

Newspaper Reporter

CNN-Career Cast's Worst Jobs

CNN-Career Cast’s Worst Jobs

CNN-Career Cast's Best Jobs

CNN-Career Cast’s Best Jobs

If you haven’t yet perused CareerCast’s resources, head over to


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Two Very Interesting Articles — We are so Cutting Edge!

About a year ago I read that cover letters are passé. But I keep seeing them, and even see requests for them when submitting things like writing or photos/artwork for publication. To me, they are like the introduction to a book, and your resume is kind of like the table of contents. Don’t ask me what the index is analogous to.  So don’t jump to dump the cover letter, but do stay on top of trends, as they may grow into the accepted standard.

Here’s an interesting article from the venerable Wall Street Journal  on Twitter as a job board, something of great interest to job seekers, and very interesting to those of us in a career services office:









And one more from Forbes on your online presence, your resume, and how they are melding into the same thing.



Thanks to Matt Tanner, Assistant Director in the FIU Career Services Office, for these links.

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A Belated ‘Welcome Back’ to FIU for Spring 2013

We survived December 21, 2012. Welcome back to FIU for spring. Though it may not feel like spring to the rest of the U.S., remember to enjoy what beautiful clear, slightly cool, bright blue weather we have this time of year. And remember to continue working on putting your FIU degree to work for you by getting everything out of it, and FIU, that you can.

How to start?

Come to Career Bash this Monday, 11am to 1pm, January 28 at the Biscayne Bay Campus.

What’s Career Bash?

Career Bash is an informal day of career help and guidance, not stuck sitting in a classroom (we know you do too much of that already), but outdoors in the Panther Square area. You can walk around and talk about career issues and questions you may have. We won’t corral you into spending the day, or sign you up to do anything you don’t want, so come on by. You might even win a Kindle, but you’ve gotta ask someone working Career Bash how!

Career Bash is also intended to kick off MEGA Career Week. MEGA Week is a series of our professional development workshops offered in an intensive schedule. All this leads up to CAREER FAIR!!! So even if you can’t make it to Career Bash, you can take advantage of our workshops to prepare yourself for Career Fair.


Career Bash Spring 2013

Want to see all the professional development workshops and career events in ONE place!? Why, click here and your want will become reality.

One last thing: Iron your suits, shirts, blouses, etc., and bring your Panther ID and a resume to the Wolfe University Center Ballrooms on Wednesday, February 6, 11am – 3pm for Career Fair. And then do the same thing again on Thursday, February 14, 3pm – 7pm in the US Century Bank Arena for the MMC Career Fair.

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FIU News Repost — Internship Profile: Janet Reyes

Here’s a nice report from FIU News about one of the interns our office has assisted:

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8 Ways College Could Better Prepare Students for the Job Search – U.S. News



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Fall Semester = Insanity

It seems the fall semester is the craziest time in the Career Services Office. At least for me it is, and I’m pretty sure for my colleagues as well. In chronological order, here’s why: Continue reading

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Blogroll: LaEbony Livingston Takes D.C.

One goal of this blog is to create a useful blogroll (collection of links to other blogs, etc.), concentrating on links of interest to career services, student and alumni jobseekers, and the university community. Here’s one link I will include, but which also deserves special focus. FIU alumna LaEbony Livingston ( Political Science/International Relations, 2012) worked with us in the Career Services Office on the Maidique campus where she maintained the front desk, looked at resumes, and a host of other “as needed” duties for the office. She recently left us to start her internship in the District of Columbia.

If you are at all interested in what it’s like to have an internship, take a look at her blog: How to Survive on an Unpaid Internship in D.C.

Congratulations, LaEbony!

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